‘Mean Girls,’ ‘SpongeBob’ Lead 2018 Tony Award Nominations

In Loco, News by David Romero

Really Tony? Image result for 2018 tony awards

The 2018 Tony award nominations were announced with “Mean Girls” and “SpongeBob SquarePants” the musical getting the most nominations with 12 apiece. That’s correct snobby teenage girls and a kids cartoon character made of a sponge lead the musical theaters highest honor.

If Tony could speak he would say “I’m getting to old for this shit”.  Next year “Jersey Shore the Musical” and “16 and pregnant the musical” will lead all nominations. It’s official the Tony awards have become the Teen/Kids choice awards.

You can watch the Tony awards live June 10 and feel like your back in high school and watch the mean girls get all the awards.

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