R Kelly Is Preparing Musical Comeback Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations.

In Loco by David Romero

R Kelly: Accusation Album? Image result for r kelly

“Bump and grind,” “I Believe I can Fly”, “Ignition” ah the sounds of R-Kelly. But now get ready for what is sure to be R Kelly most controversial music yet. In a report from the Blast “R-Kelly is desperate to get his music career back on track, and is said to be ‘furiously’ recording new music in Chicago.”

The article also goes on to say, “R-Kelly” looking for major players for representation. Very interesting news, shall we discuss what kind of songs Mr. Kelly will think of this time? I for one can’t wait for hit songs titled “I though you like it?” “Baby it’s all in your head” “I didn’t mean to give to you rough wait yes, I did”.

Without a doubt it will be R-Kelly most talk about album of all time well that is if we can understand what is going on. I’m still trapped in the closet and waiting for someone to tell me what that is about.

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