Nicolas Cage Is Reportedly Quitting Acting In Three Or Four Years

In Loco by David Romero

LEAVING THE CAGE? Image result for nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage has reportedly said he plans to stop acting in three to four years and will focus more on directing if you ever sat threw a Nicolas Cage movie his over the top nature makes it kind of hard to believe his calling it quits. We assume he would laugh humorously and say he was kidding.

But if he is retiring let’s all thank him for that haircut in Con Air and all the lines of coke he did in his movies and being courageous enough to switch faces with Jon Travolta in Face Off.

But we also like to forget Weather Man, Wicker Man, GhostRider films and pretty much everything in this new decade. In tribute to Nicolas Cage career lets all take an awkward pause then laugh hysterically in his honor.

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